Piehler Heikkinen & Gerboth LLC

Serving Families and Clients in Southeastern Connecticut


Piehler Heikkinen & Gerboth provides comprehensive, collaborative, and customized approaches to clients' legal needs across a range of areas, including tax, employment, benefits, wills, trusts, special education, and estate planning. Located along the heart of Connecticut's coastline, the firm makes effective communication and efficient account management top priorities so as to ensure forward momentum and meaningful results.


Change brings opportunity. At Piehler Heikkinen & Gerboth, we stay ahead of the ever-evolving rules and regulations impacting a broad spectrum of industries. In partnership with you, we make sure that you are receiving the insight, benefits, and support you deserve so you can focus on what matters in your world.

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Success is built on knowledge, commitment, and passion. Piehler Heikkinen & Gerboth embraces all three in its client relationships. Our attorneys have decades of experience, including a senior-level management portfolio and a thorough understanding of both corporate and non-profit sectors. 

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Knowing the latest legal developments and trends in areas that directly affect your work, needs, and expectations translates into confidence in your legal representation. Piehler Heikkinen & Gerboth is committed to providing timely summaries of various topics that most impact you and/or your organization.  

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Our Mission

To partner with you and/or your organization with integrity and a shared commitment to success. With deep technical and industry-wide experience, we bring thorough understanding and the best thinking to all our clients' needs.

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