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Byron Husted

Byron Husted is a founding partner of PHG Law Group whose practice primarily focuses on trust & estates, corporate litigation, medical negligence actions, and criminal matters.  Upon graduating from Brigham Young University in Corporate Finance and Business Management, Mr. Husted attended the University of Nebraska College of Law. In 2010, he earned his Juris Doctorate and moved back to his home town of San Diego to continue practicing law in the areas of estate planning and trust/civil litigation.

Mr. Husted founded PHG Law Group in 2022 and brings his passion and experience in the areas of probate, trust and estate litigation. He believes in aggressively advocating for his clients and always places their needs and goals first above all else. He also has experience representing clients in both federal and state courts. Mr. Husted’s main goal in working with his clients is to reach positive outcomes while creating lifelong relationships.

Byron is dedicated to helping people understand the importance of Estate Planning. Estate Planning avoids the delays and expenses of probate court. He strives to mediate rather than litigate, but when litigation is necessary due to unfortunate circumstances where people will not communicate and act fairly, Byron is there to help you present the best possible case for probate litigation. If you wish to discuss your case, please contact Mr. Husted directly at

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